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So, I’ve been trying to grow my own veggies and herbs for about a month now and while I enjoy watering them (well, I enjoy watching my kids water them ), I occasionally put them out on the back porch when it is raining to allow for some natural water.

I currently have a big pot of onions, a big pot of turmeric, a big pot of ginger, and two small rectangular planters with herbs,  garlic, and scallions.

Anyway, it was lightly raining outside but close to my back door, there was a lot of water coming down from the roof. I asked my husband to put all of the planters and pots outside for some watering. Well, after about 5 minutes I pass by and hear a LOT of splashing so I look and my onion pot was overflowing!!

I put compost and fertilizer in my pots (which contains manure) to help with the growth.

My husband, my darling, had put the onion pot right underneath the roof gutters and the onions were soaked! I tried pouring off some of the water but it was almost filled to the top. I’ll haver to start over with new fertilizer and soil. 😦

No worries though, I like the planting process and so does the kids. Luckily, we bought a pack of onion bulbs that contained about 100 of them so we can start fresh.

UPDATE: 6/22/17

Sooo…..I replanted my pot of onions and now they are growing in fantastic!

I also drilled some holes in the bottom so I wouldn’t have this fiasco again. I will actually be harvesting them this weekend! Yay!!


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