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Product review: Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Hair Care

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Hi there! This is my product review for the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale product line.

My daughter KG has really wavy, curly hair. I'm not sure of the actual texture but from the chart below, it looks to be either 4a or 4b.

hair chart

In looking at the chart, you can probably guess that hair that curly can get tangled pretty easily. KG's hair does get dry and tangles VERY easily. When I comb out her hair (which takes forever!), once I get the tangles completely out and put a band on it the hair is already wrapping itself around the band as it is drying. Also, her hair dries so fast that when adding any moisturizer, it literally sucks it up then gets dry again like the next day.


For about 5 years, I have been searching for products that would work with KG's hair and keep it moisturized for more than a day. The more natural the product, the better. When I found this set of products that deliver a method to retain moisture, the LOC method, I've been using it ever since.


For anyone who does not know what the LOC method is, it consists of hydrating the hair with water or a water-based product which is your liquid, sealing in the moisture with oil and then applying a cream product to close the hair cuticle which prevents moisture loss.


The Dark and Lovely Sulfate-Free shampoo works into my daughter's hair with ease. It smells really nice and fresh and does not tangle her hair. The hair feels squeaky clean after rinsing, and there is no residue left behind. It really feels clean!

After washing, I use the leave-in conditioner (L) to start the process. Again, this product smells great and fresh and has a light texture. It also sprays with ease and distributes over a wide range so it covers a lot of surface area, which makes the product last longer.

I then use the Soak it up Oil Cocktail (O) from root to tips. The oil is not thick, but very light and doesn't feel as greasy as coconut oil or Jamaican castor oil. My daughter's hair really soaks it up so I have to use a good amount to cover her entire head (she has a LOT of hair!)

The last step in the process is the Sealing Cream (C). I use this when I am actually styling KG's hair by putting the cream in one section at a time while putting the braid or ponytail holder in. The cream is pretty thick so I don't need that much. I just make sure to get it all the way down to the ends for adequate coverage and sealing. Again, the product smells great and even though the tube is rather small you don't need that much which makes it last longer.

I will use the Deep Conditioning Delight when I want to deep condition my daughter's hair, like once every 2 months. I also use it as the cream (C) when refreshing her hair after a few days.

Thick hair

Overall, this product line is the best I've found so far for KG's hair. It does everything I need it to and my daughter's hair stays moisturized for about 4 days! I love these products! And, I get all of these products from Amazon (my favorite retailer!).

What product(s) do you use on your little one's hair? What works? What didn't? Let me know your review!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya soon!

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