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How do you manage pain?

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As of this post, I have been in pain for 9 days straight. I feel a bulge in my lower back on the right side when I bend over and I have sharp stabbing pains also on that side. There is also burning down my backside and down my thigh. I also have sharp pains down my arms and into my hands. I've been to the doctor and they've said there's nothing more they can do.

I've been told this a lot in the past 17 years. I have an official diagnosis of sciatica with lumbar radiculopathy and carpal tunnel from my private physician.  I've been told that my symptoms appear to be a herniated disc and/or a UTI but no diagnosis for these items. I've had these issues since the military but it has gotten increasingly worse over the years.


I don't really know why I keep going back to them, just to tell me the same thing. There's nothing more they can do for me. I guess I am hoping for an answer. I'm hoping for someone who cares enough to go deeper. That is…if there is such a thing.


My journey in life is to live healthily and do things more organically, without "medicine". Or so it is called…I've come to find out that this "medicine" is a farce. It blinds your current issue with a temporary one to take your mind off it. What is replaced is a temporary feeling of dizziness, nausea, and maybe drowsiness. Of course, now you are thinking about these things and not the original issue for taking the "medicine" in the first place


A few hours later, the "high" has worn off and now we're back to the original issue the pain. And so the cycle begins…again and again.


beach yoga

In my research to live better, I am trying to find more natural ways to deal with pain like mine. Herbs, essential oils, foods, and the such are what I am working towards to help ease my pain. I want to live naturally without chemicals and processing and such. I don't want to be taking drugs for the rest of my life! One step towards that is growing my own garden.

Onion Pot

oregano and basil

What about you? What natural resources have you found to combat nerve pain or any other chronic pain? I welcome your opinions and suggestions.

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