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Things I’ve learned about chronic pain management

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I was lying in my bed last night and I was rubbing my arms and I felt a lump on my right arm above my wrist. I started pressing on it and noticed it felt weird. It felt like I was pressing on a vein but I didn’t feel any pain, just weird. So I started rubbing both hands now and I was shocked at what I was feeling!


I knew I was rubbing my arms and I can feel the pressure of doing that but I couldn’t really feel anything. So I started rubbing harder……nothing. I started scratching lightly, and nothing. Then I started pinching my arms with my nails and NOTHING!

It was freaking me out! I was not feeling the pain of what I was doing!!


In yesterday’s post, I explained the pain I had been in for almost two weeks now. I had (reluctantly) taken one of my prescription meds about 2 hours earlier that is supposed to help with my pain. I had not realized before what the medicine was doing but it hit me hard.

The medicine was blocking my pain receptors. I hadn’t put two and two together all these years but I figured it out. I started thinking of the pharmaceutical industry and how big of a business it is.

I’ve read many articles about how people in chronic pain are never ‘healed’, but their symptoms are being managed by these pharmaceuticals.

Pain Management.

Symptom management.

Not curing or healing the underlying issue, but managing the pain so you could potentially be on these medications for the rest of your life! It’s crazy to think about it that way, I’ve seen/heard of these theories before but it never really dawned on me.


In another post, I talked about my dad having pancreatic cancer and I thought about how he discovered it. He had back surgery a few years ago and since then he has been taking medications to help with the pain. He’d been having chronic pain ever since the surgery so the med dosage he has been taking would have to increase over the years to overcome his body getting used to it.

Well, because these strong meds were blocking his pain receptors he wasn’t aware of the cancer pain until it was too late. Once he started feeling this particular type of pain, which was different from his usual pain, he was told to go to the ER immediately. According to his ER doctor, he knew immediately the pain that was being described and once he saw the x-ray, it was confirmed to be pancreatic cancer.

Had my dad not been on these heavy pain medications, he probably would have been able to feel this very specific pain and probably would have alerted him to go to the doctor sooner. He probably would have been able to have surgery to remove the cancerous cells. Several doctors have told us this info.

I’m not sure how true this info is but I do know that pancreatic cancer is one of the more difficult ones to overcome and the survival rate is pretty low, according to the research I’ve done and the cancer doctors my family and I have spoken to.


My journey to become healthier and reduce the dependence on medication has lead me down many paths. I just want to ensure that I can live a life without chronic pain and the irrational side effects of these long-term medications that only block the pain but not cure or heal the underlying issue……… keep you going back to the doctor and getting more medication.

Now, I’m not saying that I will never take medications again or if my family or kids need certain drugs for their survival I would refuse them. I am also not debating that all medications are hazardous and shouldn’t be taken. I will just want to be more aware of what is being put into our bodies and verify if there are any possible alternatives.

This is my experience with chronic pain and medications, what's yours?

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